Platinum Stairlift Fault Codes

Platinum Stairlift Fault Codes

Dealing with stairlift issues can be challenging, especially when confronted with cryptic fault codes. Understanding these codes is crucial for quick troubleshooting and ensuring the smooth operation of your Platinum Stairlift, whether it’s the Curve or Ultimate Curved Stairlift. This guide aims to provide clarity on common fault codes and practical steps to resolve them.

Most Platinum Stairlift fault codes can be resolved with simple troubleshooting steps. However, if you encounter persistent issues or complex faults, we recommend contacting a professional repair service. Regular maintenance can also help prevent many common problems, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable performance of your Platinum Stairlift.

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Stairlift Fault Codes for Platinum Models

Fault Code What to do
No Display This indicates no power to the stairlift. Ensure that the power button for the curved Platinum stairlift is switched on.
Battery Isolated If your stairlift is currently switched off, simply switch the power button to ON.
Platinum Normal This code means the stairlift is charging and functioning correctly.
Safety Circuit This is a final limit fault. Check that the lift is correctly placed on a charging point and that the seat is in its operating position.
Low Battery The stairlift batteries need charging. Ensure the charger is plugged in and that the stairlift is on a charge point.
Off Charge This indicates that the stairlift is not on a charging point.
End Stop The stairlift’s end stop has been activated. Check for any obstructions on the stairs.
Safety Edge This means the stairlift’s safety edge has been activated. Look for obstructions on the skates, footplate and drive unit.
Move Right/Move Left Indicates the direction in which your Platinum stairlift is moving.
Seat Swivel The swivel seat on the Platinum curved or straight stairlift has been activated.
Lost Position The stairlift has lost its datum position; move it to the bottom of the rail.
Thermal Cut Out The motor or drive unit is running too hot. Ensure the user weight limit has not been exceeded and allow the lift to cool down.
Call Conflict A conflict in call command has been detected. Ensure the remote buttons and toggle control are not sticking.
Release Joystick Release the joystick and recall the stairlift.
Brake Fault There is a problem with the electromagnetic brake. Contact a repair engineer.
Relay Fault Indicates a relay fault on the main PCB.
Final Limit The stairlift has travelled past its intended stop. Hand wind the lift back a few inches, and check if the key is in the off position.


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Went there with a family member, they were extremely helpful
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Contacted company by phone about a stair lift and within two days we had a visit to measure up for job and given a date or installation in a couple of days time. Engineer arrived as arranged and had fitted the stair lift in about three hours without any mess. I have found it very easy to use and am very pleased with the whole job. Price was I thought very competitive to what I was expecting to pay. Well done Stechford Mobility.
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Fixed moms scooter
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Great selection for the disabled staff were very good and very helpful
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Alcuin Dean
Martin was fantastic in assisting on diagnosing a fault we had which needed ugently fixing and there were no engineers available in my area. As an engineer the guidance was proffesional and really helpfull. Can't thank him enough! Alcuin
Mark Long
Bought a new Pride Apex Lite mobility scooter on the 23rd June ‘22 after my 10+ year old Dasher lost its grip (the tiller adjuster became threadless!) and after a brief consultation the decision was made. Thanks to Martin and Dave for their professional, friendly and humorous assistance in sorting out my new scooter for the hoist equipment in the back of my jalopy. One can’t ask for more. Worth a visit for one’s mobility problems!
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They couldn't get the part for our scooter for a month.ask to be let know how much the part would cost,still waiting.

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